Spinach bean cakes

When I made akara for the first time, I was like, wow, isn’t it just genius? What you can make from simple beans, salt and onions!
Then I had that idea to use red lentils instead of beans like two years ago. If you are lazy to peel beans like me, then you have to really try it.
Anyway, I just fell in love with bean or lentil batter. There are so many thing you can do with it, akara, moi moi, pancakes and many more yummy foods. Just give space to your imagination. And it is healthy and gluten free!
I like to experiment with “akara”. Today I used basic akara batter and added some spinach and crayfish in it. Lovely, crunchy on the surface, smooth and moist inside. Yum!

500g soaked beans or red lentils
1 chopped onion
1-2 chopped habanero pepper
1 tablespoon crayfish
1 cup finely chopped spinach
salt to taste



Blend beans or lentils until you get smooth paste. Add water to get desired consistency. Add crayfish, spinach,onions and mix everything well until you get smooth, fluffy paste (use mortar and pestle or hand mixer). Just before you start to fry it, add salt to your taste.
Fry on medium heat immediately after you added salt. Once you heated up oil, scoop batter with spoon and drop it carefully in oil. Remove from oil when “akara” is having golden colour.





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