Plantain & sweet potato porridge with kale and spinach (ENG)

I hope you are not going to be too offended if I say I am not a biggest fan of yam. I love pounded yam, but boiled yam is kind of too dry to my liking. That is why I prefer to use potatoes if I want to make porridge.

And because I like sweet potatoes and they look very much like yam (I mean, on the surface), of course the idea of using sweet potato for porridge came in my mind.  Try my recipe if you can buy sweet potatoes in place you live and tell me what you think about it.


5 small sized diced sweet potatoes

3 diced unripe plantains

1 finely chopped

1 cooking spoon palm oil

2 spoons crayfish

1 cup chopped kale

2 cups chopped spinach

2 small Maggi cubes


1 handful dried scent leaf

1 spoon chili

NOTE: Feel free to use fresh pumping leaves and scent leaf if you have access to it. I am using dried scent leaf and spinach with kale because I can not get fresh one in the place I live.


-Heat up palm oil, fry onions until soft and translucent.

-Add sweet potatoes, plantain, chili, Maggi, washed and chopped dried scent leaf, salt and crayfish.

-Add water that it is going to be on the same level like your ingredients, stir it up, cover pot and cook on low heat until soft.

-Then add in your pot kale, spinach, salt if necessary, stir very well.

-Turn off cooker and allow rest for few minutes before you serve it. Like this your greens will be done but it will not be overcooked.

-If you feel like your porridge is too watery, just mash few potatoes and stir it up well again.



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