Spinach bean cakes

When I made akara for the first time, I was like, wow, isn’t it just genius? What you can make from simple beans, salt and onions! Continue reading


Wholemeal leek meat pies (ENG)

Inspired by delicious Nigerian meat pies. I wanted to make something slightly healthier, although I am not sure if I can call healthier something what contains so many fats and it is so delicious that you simply CAN’T eat only one pie, you must eat them plenty! This recipe can give you about 15 and more pies (depends on the size), but if you think it is too much… Well, then you probably never had delicious meat pies 😀 Continue reading

Plantain & sweet potato porridge with kale and spinach (ENG)

I hope you are not going to be too offended if I say I am not a biggest fan of yam. I love pounded yam, but boiled yam is kind of too dry to my liking. That is why I prefer to use potatoes if I want to make porridge.

And because I like sweet potatoes and they look very much like yam (I mean, on the surface), of course the idea of using sweet potato for porridge came in my mind.  Try my recipe if you can buy sweet potatoes in place you live and tell me what you think about it. Continue reading